Wonga Park Primary School

Utilizing the Challenge Based Learning framework throughout the entire school provided the impetus for Wonga Park’s move to a one to one iPad program. The combination of Big Ideas, rich questioning and authentic student voice highlighted the need for connected, personalized and creative tools to support their learning.

Ringwood North Primary School

A one to one iPad school, Ringwood North Primary School in Melbourne, Australia has fully embraced Challenge Based Learning throughout all areas of their curriculum. Their amazing journey to help a community recover from a disaster is captured in this video created by the students and staff. Students can make a difference!

Make Science Matter

In this video Rolf Landau, a research physicist at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland presents an overview of the groundbreaking work being done at CERN and the importance of improving education opportunities in mathematics and science. How can you Make Science Matter?


Setting the Stage

Classroom Guide

A guide for planning and implementing CBL.

Supporting the Process

Challenge to Solution

Ideas for moving from challenge to solution.

Research and Data

2011 CBL Report

Results of the 2011 Implementation study.

Standards and Assessment

CBL Rubric

A general rubric for the overall CBL process.

Supporting the Process

Challenge Tracker

Help students keep track of their progress.

Media Creation and Publishing

Challenge Proposal

Add a Challenge to the community.

Supporting the Process

ePortfolio template

Keynote template for CBL Team portfolios.

Setting the Stage

Libro CBL

Multi-Touch CBL book in Spanish.

CBL In Action

CBL in Indonesia

Multi-Touch book from Indonesian Students.


Exploring the Common Core

CBL provides an excellent environment to develop students who are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing college and career landscape.

Younger Learners

CBL in the elementary classroom nurtures relationships and a culture of creativity and innovation.


Through CBL student reflections become an integral part of the learning process and a helpful way for the students to organize their experiences.

Challenge Based Learning...

is an engaging multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that encourages learners to leverage the technology they use in their daily lives to solve real-world problems. Challenge Based Learning is collaborative and hands-on, asking students to work with peers, teachers, and experts in their communities and around the world to ask good questions, develop deep subject area knowledge, identify and solve challenges, take action, and share their experience.

  • A flexible framework for learning with multiple entry points
  • A scalable model with no proprietary systems or subscriptions
  • Places students in charge of their learning
  • Focuses on global challenges with local solutions
  • Promotes the authentic use of technology
  • Develops 21st century skills
  • Encourages deep reflection on teaching and learning

Getting Started


Visit About CBL to learn more about Challenge Based Learning.


Join the CBL Community and collaborate with educators from around the world. Join one of their Challenges!


Download the CBL Classroom Guide and explore additional resources in the CBL Toolkit.