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Contribute your talent to society

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KULAP means "Korea University Leaders Association for Publicity". We want to challenge people to contribute their own talents to society. If we share our talents, we can grow and the community benefits.

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We all have talents. Our talents should be shared for the benefit of all, because there are so many needs in this world.

Sharing does not take from what we have, but in fact enhances it. Finding a need and using our talents to meet those needs - that is what it means to serve others.
If we share, we grow. If we do not share, then we shrink.

Look around you and start with your community.

Big Idea

Local Community

The Essential Question

How can people contribute to society with their own talents?

Example Guiding Questions

1. What is Talent and why is it important to be shared?
2. How can students/elders/professionals contribute their talent to others?
3. How can we connect "needs" and required "talents" in a relevant way?

Example Guiding Activities

1. Conduct survey about talent and talent donation.
2. Brainstorm contributing guidelines and research existing ways.
3. Interview celebrities who are popular in contributing their talents.


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