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Improve the health of your community through food.

By 7th Grade Food Challenge | Solutions due any time

Windward School•Los Angeles,CA•US

The 7th grade Life Sciences classes at Windward School (Mar Vista, California) are challenging themselves to improve the health of their community through food.

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Our food system, both in the US and across the globe, is grossly unequal, causing environmental devastation and leaving many humans all over the Earth suffering from diet-related illnesses - starvation, diarrhea, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and hypertension to name a few. It is important that young people understand “food” from a wide variety of perspectives and gain tools for taking action.

Big Idea


The Essential Question

How does what you eat impact your world?

Example Guiding Questions

1. Where does our food come from?
2. What does organic mean?
3. What is the cost of getting food to my table?

Example Guiding Activities

1. Keep a food journal for a week of everything you eat.
2. Visit a local composting facility or community garden.
3. Make a map of grocery stores in different parts of the city and try to analyze food sources for your community.


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