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Write to Change the World!

By Mrs. Morrow's 8th Grade English Class | Solutions due any time

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Throughout history the written word has demonstrated over and over the power to transform-- changing the hearts, minds, and actions of people everywhere. By tackling a tough topic of interest and developing the power of persuasion through your writing, you will use your words to attempt to leave your mark on the world.

Big Idea

Persuasive Writing

The Essential Question

How can the written word change the world for the better?

Example Guiding Questions

1. What are the elements of a compelling persuasive argument?
2. How can social media be leveraged to spread your words and message?
3. How do bias and assumptions negatively affect your persuasive writing?

Example Guiding Activities

1. Create a survey and analyze the results to determine the public's current perceptions of the issue.
2. Interview an expert on your issue and create a "testimonial."
3. Write a letter to the editor or create a public service announcement and get it published to shift peoples' thinking.


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