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The problem is a decrease in the emphasis of fine arts on K-12 school campuses. Due to budget restrictions, many arts programs have been reduced or cut completely. As a result, many campuses are devoid of student artistic expression outside of the classroom. As an art teacher, I feel that it is important to showcase the work of our students in order to show how important art is to our identity

Big Idea


The Essential Question

How can we increase art within the community?

Example Guiding Questions

1. Where is are currently on display?
2. How can we increase the amount of art on display?
3. What is the process of planning an art display?

Example Guiding Activities

1. Students conduct research to determine where art can be put on display by photographing possible sites on campus.
2. Students conduct research on how to set-up the display and choose the artwork.
3. Students develop a proposal mapping out how to implement the solution.


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