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Reduce waste in your school or community.

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If our society continues to consume and waste resources at its current rate, our planet's future will be in trouble. Our challenge invites you to join us in becoming part of a solution. The 7th grade students at LaGrange Highlands Middle School challenge you to be a more sustainable citizen around your school and community by finding solutions that can reduce waste.

Big Idea


The Essential Question

What can I do to help preserve resources in the environment and live more sustainably?

Example Guiding Questions

1. How much trash does our school produce each week?
2. What are we currently recycling?
3. What are some alternatives to throwing away our trash?

Example Guiding Activities

1. Interview the school's head custodian.
2. Analyze our current recycling efforts.
3. Research recommendations for alternative uses for garbage.


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In order to help our community become more sustainable, stud…
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In order to help our school become more sustainable, student…
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