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Transform apathy into engagement.

By Trina Dralus Challenge Team | Solutions due any time

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Watching young children who are displaying a lack of concern for learning is heartbreaking. An attitude of apathy is being witnessed in our youngest children, and it only appears as if the problem is growing worse. As apathy can lead to failure and defeat, it is vital to transform the environment into one of engagement, enthusiasm and passion so that all children can succeed.

Big Idea


The Essential Question

What is apathy and how does it affect our community?

Example Guiding Questions

1. Why are readers apathetic?
2. Who is an apathetic reader?
3. How can I change a child's feelings about reading?

Example Guiding Activities

1. Research what apathy and engagement mean, and then create a visual representation of apathy.

2. Create a reading feelings survey for students and teachers.

3. Research and brainstorm methods/ideas to engage readers.

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