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Improve Recycling in your Community

By Joy Avery Challenge Team | Solutions due any time

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Our team is mostly composed of 7th and 8th graders who are responsible for our school-wide news broadcast weekly at Osceola Middle School, in Ocala, Florida.
Our challenge is important to us because we are living in a rapidly growing community where we need to reduce our trash production before our resources are misused.

Big Idea

Sustainability; Natural Resources

The Essential Question

How does my school's waste effect the world?

Example Guiding Questions

1. What is our current trash output on a daily basis?
2. What can be done to reduce the amount of trash produced in the school?
3. How will our recycling efforts at our school affect our community resources?

Example Guiding Activities

1. Calculate trash output for cafeteria.
2. Brainstorm recycling guidelines used by others schools and institutions.
3. Interview community leaders to find out more about community recycling efforts.


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