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Reduce waste in the school cafeteria

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Elementary schools produce excessive amounts of trash in the cafeteria. One year's worth of our lunchroom trash is taller than the tallest buildings in the world. The failure to handle waste responsibly impacts the land, oceans, and our natural resources. We challenge you to join us and find ways to reduce waste in your school's cafeteria.

Big Idea

Sustainability - Resources

The Essential Question

How does our waste impact the world?

Example Guiding Questions

1. What is solid waste?
2. How much waste do we have in the cafeteria each day?
3. What kind of trash is found in the cafeteria?

Example Guiding Activities

1. Monitor the school's cafeteria waste.
2. Students keep trash diaries.
3. Research biodegradable vs. non degradable waste.


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We reduced our cafeteria waste by composting for our garden,…
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