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Recycle More!

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Although recycling bins exist in 2 places in our town, they never seem to be full. In our school (O'Neill Elementary) very little is recycled at all. When the 4th grade class discovered this and researched the impact that their lack of recycling has on the environment, they were challenged to find solutions to improving recycling in their school. Can you find a solution for your school or town?

Big Idea


The Essential Question

How does recycling and lack of it impact our environment?

Example Guiding Questions

1. What materials can be recycled in our community and which will have the greatest impact?
2. What prevents people from recycling in our school?
3. How can we encourage others to recycle more in our school?

Example Guiding Activities

1. Visit the local recycling plant and find out what is already working and not working.
2. Interview staff and students about what is currently happening.
3. Research the uses for products that are recycled and find out if our school is taking advantage of these resources.


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