Apple Developer Academy - Batam, Indonesia

The 14th Apple Developer Academy kicked off in Batam, Indonesia this week with mentor traning. All of the Academies use Challenge Based Learning and Development as the framework to  learn iOS development and solve local and global challenges.

CBL in the Ukraine

Vasyl Khmelnytsky’s K.Fund is about to open UNIT Factory, a school for programmers in Kharkiv, One of the key features of the curriculum is challenge-based learning, that is, solving real-life problems for obtaining applied knowledge.
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TU/e innovation Space

Masters and bachelor students at TU/e innovation Space use Challenge Based Learning to develop innovative solutions for challenges which companies or researchers were struggling with. More >

CBL in Yuma, AZ

Teachers at Centennial Middle School are using a learning method that is challenge based. Challenge based learning, a method that encourages students to be engaged, learn how to learn and ask open-ended questions “Challenge-based learning it basically starts with a question or a statement like ‘I bet you can’t’,” said Dr. Mike Hoffman, assistant superintendent. More >

The Jannali High School

Starting with a Challenge Based Learning Experience focused on human well-being,  year 10 geography students of the Jannali High School used art to learn about and share their knowledge about refugees. More >

Dubai schools mull a future without exams

Private schools in Dubai are exploring new ways to test their pupils after finding that traditional examinations fail to measure true potential.  This year, the Dwight School middle-school pupils will not have to sit exams at the end of the first term. These has been replaced with a challenge-based learning, which has been valued as a grade in the pupils’ report cards. More >

Apple Developer Academy Graduation

The Apple Developer Academy at Binus University in Jakarta, Indonesia graduated it’s first class of world class developers. The graduates had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to Lisa Jackson from Apple and dignitaries from the Indonesian government. The Apple Developer Acadamies use CBL as their pedagogy and as a mobile application  development platform.  More >