We learn something new with each conversation and implementation of Challenge Based Learning.

We believe that a unique element of CBL is that it is continually evolving. We take what we learn from the field and use this knowledge to improve the framework. We firmly believe that teachers, program directors, administrators, students, and parents need to find the most effective learning framework for their specific context. The CBL framework is a starting point for this journey, and we are pleased when we see sites “hack” it and add components from other approaches. Ultimately, it needs to be your classroom, school, and community–based education for it to be meaningful and sustainable.

We love to learn and believe that successful schools and organizations are filled with individuals who have a learner mindset. The items below are some tools for getting to know the framework, but don’t take them as a recipe – use them as a starting point to building the best possible learning experience for everyone in your environment.


CBL Guide

The Challenge Based Learning user guide is for anyone interested in building learning communities focused on identifying Challenges and implementing thoughtful and sustainable solutions.

Workshops and Consulting

Digital Promise and the Challenge Institute provides a variety of workshop and consulting opportunities that can be customized to meet the unique needs of organizations, districts, schools and classrooms. Coming Soon


Micro-credentials are competency-based, on-demand, personalized, and sharable.  There are three CBL micro-credentials offered through Digital Promise. 

Publications and Research

To learn more about the foundations of CBL and review associated research visit the annotated bibliography.

Challenge Institutes

Challenge Institutea are immersive, hands-on, professional learning experience that transcends the traditional divide between speakers and participants to create a vibrant and ongoing community.


Do you have questions about CBL? Wondering where it fits in with other educational approaches? Trying to decide how to start a challenge? This is the place to go.