CBL Micro-credentials

Micro-credentials are competency-based, on-demand, personalized, and sharable. They empower educators to drive their professional learning and give administrators the tools they need to personalize learning for the educators and meet their broader goals. Demonstrate your knowledge of Challenge Based Learning by completing a micro-credential. The Challenge Institute and Digital Promise have partnered to offer three levels of micro-credentials.


Nano Challenge

The educator engages in a Nano Challenge to support the skills and mindsets needed for more intensive and broader Challenge Based Learning experiences.

Mini Challenge

The educator engages in a Mini Challenge that provides participants with an increased level of choice and responsibility to solve authentic Challenges while increasing engagement, ownership, and personalization of learning.

Macro Challenge

The educator uses the Challenge Based Learning framework to personalize learning and develop ownership while learning cross-curricular content and developing twenty-first-century skills as well as creating and implementing a solution to a challenge in their community.

Micro-credential ideas

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