Big Idea: Gratitude

Jun 23, 2020

Big Idea: 

Essential Question: How one we show gratitude to the people in our lives?

Challenge: Demonstrate Gratitude!

Sample Guiding Questions

  1. What is gratitude?
  2. What is the opposite of gratitude?
  3. Why show gratitude?
  4. Who do I care for?
  5. Who cares for me?
  6. How do they demonstrate caring?
  7. Is there a science of gratitude?
  8. What happens when we show gratitude?
  9. Where do we see examples of gratitude?
  10. etc. . .

Sample Guiding Activites

  1. Look up the definition of gratitude and translate it into language that you understand.
  2. Research the social impact of gratitude and cost of ingratitude.
  3. Create a gratitude scale
  4. Create a map of all your friends and family and describe how you care for each other.
  5. Describe (words, art, music) what gratitude looks like.
  6. Keep a journal of your daily interactions and where you see gratitude.
  7. Research the science of gratitude
  8. Explore gratitude in literature.
  9. etc . . .

Sample Guiding Resources

  1. Being grateful is beyond good manners: Gratitude and motivation to contribute to society among early adolescents
  2. How to Foster Gratitude in Schools
  3. World Gratitude Map
  4. TedTalk What to Be Happy? Be Grateful Brother David Steindl-Rast 
  5. Gratitude in Literature
  6. etc . . .