Challenge Planners

Keeping organized and documenting your process is critical for successfully completing the Challenge experience. It is particularly important to have a place where you can see progress and make decisions. Making the learning process visible throughout the Challenge experience helps to develop collaboration and innovation. Over time resources have been created to manage the Challenge process.  Below you will find examples of these tools that you can download and use. 

RISE Challenge Planner

The Challenge Framework is being used as part of the selection process for RISE, a worldwide program designed to support 15 – 17 year olds to become global leaders. Imagine hundreds of young women and men identifiying and solving Challenges around the globe! This Challenge Planner is designed to support the process.

Rise Challenge Planner Blank (PDF)
Rise Challenge Planner Example Content (PDF)

Challenge Canvas

This Canvas is a one-page document created by mentors at Senac University in São Paulo Brasil and expanded by mentors at Università di Napoli Federico II in Italy. it is designed to be printed using a large format printer. Using post-it notes the learners add information as they move through the steps. By making the process visible, they found that the learners collaborated across groups resulting in deeper learning.

Challenge Canvas (PDF)