Clarksville Academy is a private college-preparatory school in Clarksville, Tennessee, offering pre-kindergarten through grade 12. It focuses on a combination of academic and athletic excellence.

Clarksville Academy

Clarksville, TN

“In 2012, Clarksville Academy, in Clarksville, TN,  introduced a program called Challenge Based Learning, which takes an overriding topic and allows the students to collaborate and create projects and solutions that will be beneficial to themselves and the community. The CBL approach is different than that of problem-based learning as it focuses on increasing student engagement, and is a collaborative learning experience in which teachers and students work together to learn about compelling issues, propose solutions to real problems, and take action. Ultimately, our Upper School students implement community solutions while our Intermediate and Lower School students focus on impacting our school campus.  Clarksville Academy’s 1:1 Technology initiative combines perfectly with a CBL program because students have a personal learning tool in their laptop or iPad, which allows students to access information and data for the subject they are researching.  Additionally, the 1:1 Program gives students a professional and instant vehicle for communication that is professional and flexible for a person to person, or group”. More Information

Fitness Challenge results in a $23,956 Grant!

Thanks to a group of Clarksville Academy students, a grant from the Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Health Foundation and a partnership with the city of Clarksville, a bicycle share program will soon come to Liberty and McGregor parks. Full Story