Kolbe Catholic College is a Roman Catholic secondary college situated in Rockingham, Western Australia, that uses Challenge Based Learning in the 9th grade to provide deep learning experiences, improve life skills and enhance technology literacy.

Kolby Catholic College

Rockingham, Western Australia

Challenge Based Learning was first introduced at Kolbe in 2011 for Year 9 students. The reason for its introduction was that the overall Year 9 program was missing elements that would spark the excitement and a joy of learning that leads to deep learning.
During our first four years, CBL existed as an add-on to the mainstream curriculum. It started with a series of negotiations with all Heads of Learning Areas to borrow a couple of periods from their scheduled timetable to secure a decent length of learning time for CBL in Term 2.

After having achieved pleasing results through CBL, the College recognized the need for formal timetabling in order to nurture the necessary skill sets systematically and organically. As a result, CBL was upgraded to a compulsory elective subject for Year 9 students in 2015. From that year, a half of the cohort enrolls in a semester-based course of CBL which consists of two classes a week.

Source : Kolbe CBL Program report 2016

Kolbe CBL Resources

Kolbe CBL Program Report (2016)– The report presents the evolution of CBL at Kolbe, program overview, some results from program evaluations, and plans to work closely with the community in 2017.

CBL multi-touch Book – is designed to introduce the Learners to a CBL experience. It provides an overview of Challenge Based Learning and documents a year long Challenge.

CBL iTunes U Course– aims to provide middle school students with comprehensive information about CBL and real-world learning experiences through CBL’s deep learning tasks. The course is designed to be used in a variety of learning settings from the whole Year group to small groups.