Big Idea: Water

Jun 24, 2020

It is a simple fact of life: we need clean water.  We need it to drink, keep clean, generate power, and grow the food we eat. Water is essential to life on earth. We are using up our planet’s fresh water faster than it can be replenished naturally. You can make a difference by improving the use of water in your home, school, and community.

Water is a great example of a Big Idea as it can lead learners in many different directions dependign on their context and interests. 

Our Challenge to You

Starting with the Big Idea of Water, identify a local Challenge and use Challenge Based Learning to make a difference in your community. Tag your Challenges and solutions #CBLWorld and we will add them to our list.

Sample Essential Questions:

  • What are the water issues where we live?
  • How does my water consumption impact the world?
  • How is water wasted?

Possible Challenges

  • Conserve Water in our school
  • Conserve water at home
  • Protect a local waterway
  • Reduce water pollution