One Best Thing Series

Jun 24, 2020

Apple Distinguished Educators have produced a series of multi-touch books that spotligt “one best thing” from their school or classroom. Two of the books came from participants in Pilot and Implementation studies and focused on Challenge Based Learning. These are inspirational and practical examples of how CBL can make a difference in the classroom.

Book Cover
Write to Change the World: Challenge Based Learning for Persuasive Writing

Katie Morrow

Persuasive writing skills can be connected to purposeful experiences through the process of Challenge Based Learning. Students choose topics that personally matter to them and create written solutions to change people’s perceptions, thereby using their writing to “change the world.” Students not only develop persuasive writing and speaking skills, but also develop important skills in teamwork, initiative, and innovative thinking. Most importantly, students are transformed into activists doing meaningful work that carries on long after the last exam is scored.

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Book Cover
Designing Authentic Assessment: Measuring Learning with CBL

Liz Castillo

Challenge Based Learning provides a strong framework for critical thinking and relevant learning. In order to assess this authentic learning, assessments must reflect and emphasize the process as well as the product. In this One Best Thing explore strategies for building authentic formative and summative assessments that align with CBL.

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